The Couple that Is

4x23 Always [completed scene]


The ring. She's wearing the ring in the 6.22 scene. I CANT. IM DEAD. She needs to wear it more.

I really like when she wears her ring. To me, it makes her more of a person that the audience can relate to.

Is it true that Stana and Nathan dated? Like, can confirm?

Never been confirmed.

Castle - Veritas (Deleted Scene)


Here is the video.



I’m so in love with the way Castle holds Beckett

The only thing that kept me going was thinking about you.

What we both need right now is a really good ‘font’.

Hi Ashley! I was just wondering if anyone watches the show Motive? It's a really great show, but it's also like watching a Castle reunion. Aside from the lead character who played Serena Kaye on Castle, I've counted at least 5 or 6 actors who have guest starred on both shows! I think it's kind of cool :) Thanks!

I watched a couple episodes of season 1, but nothing after that. I liked the show, but felt like the pace was a little slow. Might have been the episodes I watched though. I’m weird, I really dig comedies and shows that I can quote, but the one drama I intend to watch is How to Get Away With Murder. I’m really into criminal court and will most likely go to law school to pursue that, and I feel like the show would give a feel for law school.

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