The Couple that Is




Favorite Castle moments, from the S6 DVDs. Thanks, @CastleInsanity!

A Few of Our Favorite Things - Nathan Fillion, Susan Sullivan and Molly Quinn, along with the rest of the cast and crew share some of their favorite things about Castle, which we’ll compare to fan favorites collected via social media polls. Creator/Executive Producer Andrew W. Marlowe and Producer/Writer Terri Edda Miller reveal their favorite part of the show, the Castle and Beckett relationship and debut an unaired Castle and Kate moment from the season 4 finale.

Probably my favorite extra feature of the DVD. Lots of good stuff from the case, Marlowe, Terri and Bowman.

This is great, I really love this. Definitely the best extra feature.

'In the Belly of the Beast' Deleted Scene (x)

4x23 Always [completed scene]


The ring. She's wearing the ring in the 6.22 scene. I CANT. IM DEAD. She needs to wear it more.

I really like when she wears her ring. To me, it makes her more of a person that the audience can relate to.

Is it true that Stana and Nathan dated? Like, can confirm?

Never been confirmed.

Castle - Veritas (Deleted Scene)


Here is the video.



I’m so in love with the way Castle holds Beckett

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